"I never liked the term "tough love." I felt that judgmental and hate-filled people used the term as an excuse to be mean to others and force things to be their way.

But I now know what it really means; I learned it from the entire staff of TBW. I can only marvel at the love it takes to watch us suffer such deep pain, yet still push for more.

I am deeply appreciative of the assistants who showed me deep love and yet still found the strength within themselves to go all the way with me. I thank
each of you for a phenomenal weekend of self-discovery."

John Sandberg ~ Computer Programmer

The Assist team is comprised of people who have participated in The Bonding Weekend and who received so much from the seminar that they come back to help make the workshop happen and to contribute to others. The team is comprised of volunteers that love this work and who want to give back some of what they received during their own participation. Many people come back and assist with us over and over again; by being on the assist team you have the opportunity to keep growing and integrating with what you learned from TBW, and you get the opportunity to play and work with a group of people that are on similar paths.

They are not trained facilitators or therapists; their main jobs include preparing everything that is needed in advance of the workshop to actually make the seminar happen, providing a safe environment during the training that is consistent, safe and comfortable, preparing the training room for the different processes, and assisting you in participating in the processes and going deeper if you want to.





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