"Barbara and Masen created, and continue to  create, not only the workshop, but a model of how relationships can be in this life. This is a tribute to them in light of the fact that they opened up in me what no one else could. Because of that growth, I am here today, ready to take a stand for love. TBW has brought me great comfort, joy, love, and internal peace.

These two people are magic and heaven and earth. Barbara can give you one look and you will find yourself on your knees in tears...the unthinkable suddenly not so frightening. Masen, with one word touches the very center of your soul. All of this is done in total love and commitment to humanity and the idea that this world can change starting with the individual. And in all of their magic and absolute talent, they remain humble, goofy, and unfailingly honest.

I can never put my gratitude into words in a way that seems adequate. Because of Barb and Mase, I found my whole self...the parts that are wonderful...and not so wonderful. And once I found myself, I found Owen. For this, I am endlessly grateful. Barb, Mase, I love you so deeply that you are with me in every step and breath I take."
  ~Lauren Lauterio, Counselor and Newlywed

"By examing the simple differences between men and women--most of which are so simple they become nearly invisible--I was able to not only better my communication with my partner ten-fold, but also reclaim aspects of my masculinity that I had disowned. I feel complete and at peace with myself as a man, and in my interations with both sexes.”
   ~Paul Schuyler, Writer/Director

"Thanks to my participation in TBW, I am very clear about who I am. I feel like I look different, and I know that I act differently. I am more accepting of people, things, and ideas, and that makes me so happy because my world has gotten bigger. I am so proud that I now have the courage to pursue things that I only dreamed about before. I have always known I am meant to live a big life, and I now feel fearless in the face of it."
  ~Paige Biagi, Legislative Ast. to a Member of Florida House of Representatives

“Barbara & Masen are masters at guiding both the group as a whole and individuals through the tricky depths of an emotional morass. The honesty and courage they are able to extract from the participants is amazing. During the workshop I alternated between extreme discomfort at being confronted with uncomfortable truths about myself, and sheer pleasure from the knowledge that not only could I confront these realities and survive, but that I could receive tremendous support from those around me.While this experience is not for the faint of heart, I believe that anyone who is serious about learning more about themselves will derive benefit."
   ~C.W., Attorney

“I was finally able to forgive myself; I acknowledged and embraced the parts of me that I had previously viewed as unforgivable. This allowed me to also forgive my partner for not being perfect. I was able to intergrate my strong, independent side with my softer vulnerable side; these parts of me are no longer battling, rather, I have found a beautiful blend of the two."
  ~ Erin Lozano, Real Estate Agent

“I was able to reclaim my power, to look within and take responsibility for how my life is lived on a daily basis. I was able to confront my fear full force and work through the issues underneath the fear, rather than running from it.”
  ~ Alicia Nelson, Executive Assistant

"I thought that loving music, dancing, bonding, having fun and taking risks was wrong. I thought that I was a freak for wanting those things and that I had to keep my true self well hidden from other people. I also thought that it was incompatible to have fun and to play and still be serious about my commitments. Thank you for supporting me in freeing myself from the cage that I had locked myself in for so many years. Thank you for helping me see that I am capable of creating my own space in the universe to show up in and that it is up to me to make things happen; it is my responsibility and my gift."
  ~ Valeria Penela, Psychological Assistant / Teacher

"I don't know if I will ever be able to fully express the gratitude that is overflowing from my heart. I feel as though I have just been introduced to myself - the woman that I was born to be."
   ~Julie McConnell, Consultant

“When Barbara described the intensity of the weekend to me last month, I discounted how intense the experience could be. I thought to myself, "It's just deep breathing. How intense could that be?" I now have a new definition of "intense" that spans the depth of emotion I experienced. It was incredible in the truest sense of the word: I would never have believed anyone about what was to come.

I never liked the term "tough love." I felt that judgmental and hate-filled people used the term as an excuse to be mean to others and force things to be their way. But I now know what it really means; I learned it from the entire staff of TBW. I can only marvel at the love it takes to watch us suffer such deep pain, yet still push for more. I am deeply appreciative of the assistants who showed me deep love and yet still found the strength within themselves to go all the way with me. I thank each of you for a phenomenal weekend of self-discovery.”
  ~ John Sandberg, Computer Programmer

"Barbara & Masen are generous and powerful teachers and guides. Their work is top notch, well organized, well thought out, presented masterfully, direct, healing, revealing, supportive, loving, compassionate, complete & life changing. They help their students to realilze that it is they themselves who are doing the work!"
  ~ Scott Carlson ~ Managing Partner

"I have opened the door to new ways of looking at my life, released pent up emotions long past due, and am now able to welcome love and support without having to give myself away sexually. I know that I still have a lot of work to do; the bonding weekend has given me the tools so that I can really do that work with love, integrity and forgiveness. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!"
  ~ Grace Purcell, Preschool Teacher & Massage Therapist

“The Bonding Weekend got me in touch with new levels of integrity in the way I am. It also helped me to understand many of the patterns that have been running me for years”.
  ~anonymous, TBW graduate

"I am an old hippie and a workshop addict from way back. I’ve done tons of workshops and The Bonding Weekend is my number one by a mile because it really kicks ass! So much other personal growth stuff is just light weight and ‘touchy-feely’ with hippie-dippie feathers and crystals, but TBW just rocks, it goes straight to the heart of things in a powerful and practical way."
  ~ Paul Forster, Teacher, Musician, Playwright

I left my husband after 5 years of marriage. I felt lost, totally confused and all alone. I had shut down emotionally and put on a very strong front. At The Bonding Weekend, for the first time, we were able to confront our demons and get out a lot of things that we had been holding in for years. We clearly saw that we simply did not understand one another when communicating and that that is something we need to work on on an ongoing basis.   ~Jacquee

My wife had left me and I couldn’t understand why. I was really trying hard and thought I was doing all the right things, and I knew that I loved her. I was angry, didn’t want to talk about my past, and sick of feeling that bad. Although I was skeptical and afraid, what I found at TBW was a safe environment where I was supported in confronting my dark side and going beyond it to the core. Not only did I release some of my darkest demons, I discovered that what I thought was love, wasn’t, and that what I had been giving was certainly not what my wife wanted or needed from me. Thanks to TBW, for the first time ever, I can really feel my feelings and I am able to love and be loved.
  ~ Nate

It’s been 8 months since TBW and we are expecting our first child. Thanks to everyone at The Bonding Weekend, we received the tools to really start anew. We have created a family of choice in the TBW community, along with a warm, loving environment for our son. For the first time, we are both looking forward to our future – together!
  ~ Nate & Jacquee D ’Amato, Parents of Xander Bond D'Amato


“TBW II was an incredible experience; it was outrageous, really. It was about recognizing my boundaries and limitations and being empowered to stretch beyond them. It was playful, creative and wild!!! I was able to access an amazing, powerful force of passion and light within myself... Like nothing I have experienced before.”
~Alicia Bayer, Relationship/Sensuality Coach

“It was ruthlessly fun; in fact, I would describe Level 2 as a tantrum of fun & intensity.”
~ TBW Level 2 Graduate

“Level 2 was a major turning point for me. It was relentless like Level 1 only in that it called forth my own indomitable spirit to do the work. One of the best things I got out of Level 2 is humor; I got that being all morose and serious about my dark side was not my only option and that I didn’t need to be ashamed of what I was peeling away. And that letting go and shedding of my old identities and patterns could be fun! I learned that I could laugh and make fun of myself along the way and that my stuff only has as much power over me as I want to give it.
~ TBW Level 2 Graduate

There is magic to be had at level 2. Some serious magic. I got that miracles are interactive events and that my own participation in them is what makes them so amazing. Level 2 was the best workshop I have ever participated in; the opportunities to expand and be fully expressed were exceptional! It was deeply fulfilling and gave all of us as participants the opportunity to claim our personal essence; Level 2 was an intensely gentle and moving walk straight to source.”
~ TBW Level 2 Graduate

TBW Level 2 touched me in a way I never expected. The issues and triggers I felt during TBW 2 were unexpected and yet, afterwards, seemingly so obvious!

…and as ALWAYS, the connections, friendships, and FAMILY that I co-created are carved indelibly into my heart and soul.

It seems to happen when I'm not looking ... as I'm saying my good-byes on Sunday afternoon, I'm wondering to myself, "How will I possibly face the day tomorrow without this amazing group of people by my side?" and the answer is always the same -- "No problem! They ARE right by my side, ALWAYS!"

I am in contact with the amazing people I meet and connect with at TBW on a regular basis (i.e. almost DAILY!) and they are a source of strength, support, love and inspiration for me, everyday! They are my family. We are BONDED!
~Carrie Elias, Facilitator & Coach

I went into The Bonding Weekend Level II looking to save my deeply wounded marriage and do what was best for my kids. When I arrived I felt really lost, confused, scared and stressed out. When I left I felt centered, empowered, happy and confident.

Masen and Barbara have created a doorway to the Higher Self that invites every participant to step through in their own style. When I stepped through I came to understand and embrace my deepest truth, and gained a new perspective on the consequences of living out of alignment with that truth. Through the power of the processes, the skill of the staff, and the courage of the participants, I came to the realization that I had to let go of my marriage and create the best co parenting relationship on the planet.

My declaration to accept the divorce with gratitude and grace arose from the powerful, loving energy generated at TBW II and has manifested to everybody’s benefit.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime!
~ Mark Daly, Attorney


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