"Assisting is an amazing experience on it’s own. Teamwork, integrity, promises, confrontation, hard work, connection, love, giving, receiving, experiencing your friends and family with a whole different perspective are all a part of it.

We work hard over the weekend, not only in our jobs, but in supporting everyone in the room. We eat together, laugh a whole lot, & are constantly called forward by each other in being bigger than we ever thought we could be."

Eric Wishan, Financial Planner
TBW Graduate & Assistant

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Why have you come to Earth
                        ...do you remember?

Do YOU remember...

...the day you sent in your Bonding Weekend Application (and then tried to reach into the mailbox to get it back)?

...walking into the Training Room for the very first time ~ perhaps excited, perhaps trembling in fear, perhaps BOTH of those feelings? (and many more

...sitting down and seeing 26+ strange eyes looking back into yours ~ eyes you would soon know almost better than your own, faces you would recognize as “old friends,” hearts you would come to understand and love?

...hearing and experiencing someone else’s story, and feeling that undeniable recognition ~ “Wow! That’s exactly how I feel!”

...hearing judgments of yourself and others; feeling the truth and the freedom that comes with them

...hearing “Yanni” play and SPRINTING to the Training Room, sailing through the door, sliding across the floor and landing in your backjack before the last note finished?

...flying and floating with angels; being kissed by feathers; feeling transformed?

...discovering (or re-discovering) YOU, and making a solid commitment to YOUrself?

...wishing the next Bonding Weekend was next weekend?

After participating in my first Bonding Weekend years ago, I came home with a sense of renewal; it was as if I had been re-born, I had re-discovered myself and the special parts of me that I had unconsciously been hiding for so long.

When I wasn’t looking, the Bonding Weekend had become a part of my “being,” and now I was faced with the challenge of holding it sacred and keeping it close to my head and heart, keeping those special pieces alive, shiny and bright, rather than allowing it all to fade away.

But now I was back in my home, far away from that training room. How would I bring forth and maintain those cherished feelings so far away from that magical space? How would I keep alive and present my experience and all that I had learned and received? How would I keep and build the momentum of integrity that was set in motion during those four special days?

The answer was clear to me then, and is still clear to me now. The best way for me to keep it alive is to keep it going and growing and to GIVE IT BACK. As a Bonding Weekend Assistant, I get to give everything I have to the participants who are now seated in those very same backjacks in addition to continuing to do my own work and integrate with all that I learned at my own TBW experience.

The very first time I assisted on a TBW Assist Team, I prepared myself to be exhausted and “spent” at the end of four days. Instead, I drove away from the TBW site feeling more awake and ALIVE than when I had arrived four days earlier.

For all who have assisted, you know how it feels to give from your very core, to feel the last drops of energy drain out of you, and yet, somehow in that moment, feel more alive, present and real than at any other moment in time.

You know what it feels like to hold the space (and the body) of someone who has melted-down, broken-out and broken through; to witness the moment when someone finally finds peace, and is embraced by it, to experience the knowing that he/she is forever changed.
Being on the TBW Assist Team is a noble service-of-the-heart. It is, in my opinion, the ultimate gift one can give. It calls us forward to completely surrender in many different ways, perhaps the most profound of which is to surrender our pictures of what it looks like to truly give.

What’s left magically unexplained to me is that while we are passionately, lovingly, and selflessly doing what I believe is the best work in the Universe, while we are giving all of ourselves and more, something else is also happening. In every moment, we are receiving the most precious gifts WE could ever receive. As we pour out of ourselves compassion, love and acceptance, so are we showered and wrapped in the same. It seems the more we give the more we get. WOW!

I believe that it’s important to continue to LIVE THIS WORK, and essential that we take a stand for it and share it with others. Assisting is a way of doing just that. It’s a way of keeping alive and present in our everyday lives the behaviors we’ve learned, the commitments we’ve made, the way we want to BE and how we want to show up in this world.

~Carrie Elias, Past & Long Time TBW Seminar Director Extraordinaire


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