"I found a safe environment where I was supported in releasing some of my darkest demons and going beyond it to the core. Thanks to TBW, for the first time ever, I can really feel my feelings and I am able to love and be loved" ...Nate D’Amato

“I was able to reclaim my power, look within & take responsibility for how my life is lived on a daily basis. I was able to confront my fear full force and work through the issues underneath the fear, rather than running from it.” Alicia Nelson ~ Exec. Assistant

Allowing yourself to feel is good! Suppressing feelings causes anxiety, depression, shut down, pain and self sabotage
Healthy emotional expression in a safe environment feels good and supports people in feeling fully alive. The more you let yourself have your anger, hurt, sadness, and fear, the more joy, love, ecstasy and passion you will find!
Having healthy, clear, fluid boundaries in your life is vital to both personal happiness and successful relationships.
Appropriate, vulnerable, honest communication is good and is vital to both personal happiness and successful relationships.
You have the power to change yourself.




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