UCSB West Conference Center
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“I was finally able to forgive myself; I acknowledged and embraced the parts of me that I had previously viewed as unforgivable. This allowed me to also forgive my partner for not being perfect.

I was able to integrate my strong, independent side with my softer vulnerable side; these parts of me are no longer battling, rather, I have found a beautiful blend of the two."

Erin Lozano ~ Real Estate Agent

The UCSB West Conference Center is located just North of UCSB at Devereux Point. It is a 25-30 minute drive from downtown Santa Barbara.

It is quiet and isolated, has a view of the lagoon, and some seated outdoor areas for breaks. There are hiking paths close by.

There are a number of hotels nearby in the Goleta area that are wihin 5-10 minutes of the facility. We highly recommend staying in GOLETA, rather than Santa Barbara, as it is much closer to the facility and significanly less costly.

As a participant, you will bring picnic style lunches for eating onsite during breaks. There will be 75-90 minute breaks for dinner, and there are numberous and varied restaurants within 5 minutes of the facility.

There is parking close the facility The cost per car for the 4 days of the seminar is $24. We recommend and encourage you to car pool.






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