"Thanks to TBW, I am very clear about who I am. I am more accepting and my world has gotten bigger. I now have the courage to pursue things that I only dreamed about before.

I have always known I am meant to live a big life, and I now feel fearless in the face of it."

Paige Anne Biagi ~ Legislative Assistant to a Member of the FL House of Representatives

Our focus is on healing our relationships and feeling empowered in our lives. You can come to the workshop with a partner, a close friend, or by yourself; we will be focusing on the issues of “intimacy” and “relationship” in all sense of the words!

 In the first part of the workshop, we will be doing processes designed to support you in embracing your dark side, i.e, parts of yourself that you may have difficulty experiencing...this is different for everyone. For some, it is anger and rage, for others, it is fear and weakness, and for still others, it is receiving love. The work is designed to support emotional release and opening up to our vulnerability. You will also have the opportunity to experience your life in relation to your own death!

Our intention is to support you in feeling safer with all of who you are. You will leave the workshop feeling empowered and more able to get your needs met in a healthy way in the world and in your relationships.

During the second part of the workshop, we will be looking at our identities as men and women. In a fun and humorous way, you will explore some of the reasons why we fail to understand each other and what the results tend to be. We will be working towards full, honest, and congruent communication with partners, friends, and colleagues.

Enrollment is limited to about 24-28 people at level 1 and 25-35 assistants. The small group size allows for full participation by everyone. This is an advanced seminar, we assume that you have done work on yourself, that you are ready to be called forth, and ready to plunge to the depths in order to heal!



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